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Transmute AI

About Transmute AI

TransmuteAI is being built by more or less the same alumnus of IIT ISM Dhanbad, and intend to develop cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the AI sector and all those domains that are influenced by it.
Originally meant to be a non-profit organization aimed at providing early career mentorship to students of India on topics related to AI. Further, it aims at providing a platform to do research on cutting-edge AI topics in close co-operation with the experienced mentors of the team. Soon, we will be considering converting Transmute AI into a non-profit company aimed at also solving social problems with AI.
Open to tackling all applied and foundational problems within the space of AI. Choices of problems depend on the expertise of the mentors.
Publisizing Transmute AI lab as a go to research organisation for students all over the world, to build a career in the field of AI and get mentorship from experienced veterans of the field.