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Our Products & Services

Our Products

Products of quality, functionality and practicality

Graphene powder

Graphene is being manufactured by one of our incubate startups. Graphene is used in a large number of applications including composite material, batteries, concrete polymers, anti-rust layers, and super conductive materials.

Optical borehole televiwer

An optical borehole tele viewer provides a continuous, oriented, high-resolution representation of the borehole wall offering many advantages to geologists and geotechnical engineers

AI Enabled Smart Helmet

AI-enabled Smart Helmet for Industrial Workers in Mines and other Hazardous Environments.
The Smart Helmet is capable of environmental monitoring, and real-time miner's health monitoring. It also comes equipped with an early warning system using Data Analytics Techniques for predicting dangers in underground/ open-cast mines as well as in hazardous Industrial areas. The intelligent system provides a safe working environment for mine and Industrial Workers.

Unmanned Vehicle for Mine Safety Inspection

The Remotely operated Inspection Vehicle is equipped with a robust tracked wheel & manipulator to test and assess the underground/ opencast mining sites. The system is equipped, with dynamic tools and intelligent sensors to analyze the mining field conditions. The developed semi-autonomous robot has a precision motion control design through a wired remote operation mode for tracking, positioning, and various manoeuvring operations such as checking the wall, collecting samples, etc.

SMILE (Smart Management in Land-vehicle Equipment)

An IoT-based, smart signalling system combined with AI-based analysis of logistical movements within an Industrial complex. Fleet management parameters are utilized to optimize productivity & environmental footprints. The system is available on the Dashboard in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
The product addresses safety (collisions/accidents due to blind-spots, sharp turns, over-speeding, traffic violations etc.), productivity (queueing, delays) and carbon emissions (congestion cut and fuel saving) for industrial transportation.

WISE (Web-enabled Illumination Surveying Equipment)

Industrial workplaces need adequate illumination not only for safety but also for workers’ efficiency. All mines (Opencast/underground), smelters, Steel Plants, FMCG warehouses, and National Highways/Streets need illumination planning complying with the requirement. WISE Provides the following key features:
• Digital Illumination Survey
• Automated Mapping System
• Insights from Data
• Customized Analytic Report

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Occasionally called Self-guided Vehicles or Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are material handling systems or load carriers that travel autonomously throughout a warehouse, distribution centre, or manufacturing facility, without an onboard operator or driver. The AGV is sensor guided for optimal navigation and includes the following key features:
• Automatic Path Following
• 1-2 Ton Payload
• Battery Powered, Rechargeable
• Obstacle Detection
• Zero Turning Radius
• Low Height
• Touch HMI Display

SMPS (Switched-mode Power Supply)

A switched-mode Power Supply (SMPS) is an electronic circuit that converts power using switching devices that are turned on and off, at high frequencies, and storage components such as inductors or capacitors to supply power when the switching device is in its non-conduction state. The key feature of the In-house developed SMPS is as follows:
• 5V 1amp (5W)
• 5V 3amps (15W)
• 12V 1.25amps (15W)
• 12V 5amps (60W)
• DC/DC converters
• Custom SMPS design and manufacturing
• LED Drivers
• Inverters
• Battery Management System (BMS)
• Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
• Li-Ion Battery Packs

Intelligent Camera

Under the mission of Industry 4.0, Computer Vision is an indispensable component of the automated system and artificial intelligence. Automating the monitoring work is where AI can make a huge contribution. We have developed digital eye for monitoring of your entire mining operations.
1. Traffic Surveillance
2. Quality Monitoring of Ore
3. Intelligent Proximity Alarming System
4. Unsafe Condition Detection
5. PPE Compliance
6. Workforce Efficiency Management

Elemental Analyzer

Development of hardware and firmware of the elementary analyzer for rapid and continuous on - conveyer belt analysis of composition of bulk material using nuclear techniques. Application areas being mining, minerals, power and cement companies

Our Services

Automated Drone delivery system

An automated delivery system to pickup and deliver object to specified location. This shall be used in open cast mines for rapid supply of spares/tools to operation site from warehouse. This leads to increase of equipment availability, resulting in increased mine productivity.

Real Time Mine Monitoring

GIS based platform for real time monitoring of mining activities(drone data, mine development, boundary pillars, land schedule, exploration, mineral beneficiation, mining, stacking & dumping and mine closure plan) with the whole system to be a web based solution with multiple users.

Digital Mine Survey

Geospatial Technologies for mine surveillance and monitoring.
• Air-borne mine surveillances and Earth work estimation
• Surveying for volumetric measurement of ore burden dump material.
• Mine planning in Mines, land use and verification of property details for resettlement and rehabilitation
• Land use pattern assessment and post mining eco-restoration

Large Scale Mapping

One Stop solution for data processing:
• Browser based platform
• Upload 30000+ images, process 500+ sqkm data in a data
• Fastest upload and processing - visualize/analyse TBs of orthophotos
• Standard GIS

Big Data Analytics for Earth Observation Industry

• Cloud based and cloud native
• Automated QA/QC
• Survey grade accuracy
• Scalable
• Enterprise grade data security
• Lightning fast data delivery

Patent & Research Intelligence Consultancy

The AI research intelligence platform would enable any R&D, business professional to easily search millions of global research data and access personalized and predictive insights in real time.

Rainfall & Riverine Flood Risk Management

It enables evaluation of the impacts of rainfall and riverine based flooding on open cast mining operations using geospatial technologies such as drones and satellite imagery. The high-resolution asset-specific risk assessment can be used for monsoon preparation planning to strengthen safety and climate resilience.

Mine Illumination Infrastructure

• Mapping of the existing light infrastructure.
• Study of existing Illumination plan for adequacy of illuminance.
• Provide the manpower details for the illumination survey.
• Preparation of standard operating procedure & control plan as per DGMS Guidelines.
• Design the illumination through the simulation model required at different locations in mines
• To design the entire illumination system keeping in consideration the existing lights and inventory.

Smart Traffic Management

• Design, installation and implementation of an automatic traffic signaling system to ease traffic congestion, and enhance safety.
• Suitable installation of the system to capture speed of the vehicles/ trucks, display the speed on a LED dashboard (including special keys like simultaneous multiple vehicles) at appropriate location to alert the corresponding vehicle driver, record photograph & vehicle number in case of violation with SMS notification to the driver, owner and other concern with the back-up of real time data for future reference/retrieval.