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Development Projects

Wearable for Workers

Workers wearing monitoring devices will have on-demand access to critical information regarding mine operations, including equipment status reports and air quality conditions.

Equipment Management

Technology based on artificial intelligence for periodic maintenance of equipment for optimized working.

Automation & Digitalization

Automate mines for developing and enhancing the process of mining for increased efficiency.

Drone Technology

Drones for monitoring, mapping and maintenance to increase efficiency and safety.


Communication technology for underground mines for better connectivity.

Data optimization and machine learning

Optimizing data collection by equipment and machines for engineers to schedule operations and complete highly complex tasks.

Maintenance of Mobile Assets

Predictive maintenance system for mobile assets in underground metal mines.

Artificial Intelligence for Circuit Improvement

AI based tools for performance improvement of grinding circuit in copper processing plant.

Rock Bolt Development

FRP based instrumented rock bolt for underground coalmines gallery support.


MI Assisted 3D geologic inversion to enhance mine planning in mineral exploration


Sensor based dust suppression system for haul roads in opencast coal mines


Quadruped robot for mining application

Cost Effectiveness

Designing budget-aware ultra-efficient neural networks

Mine Safety

Acoustic and dual-mode magnetic induction-based robust underground positioning system for miner's safety